Navigating today’s HVAC-R efficiency landscape

Legacy practices and suboptimal commissioning

The landscape of HVAC-R systems is evolving, and it is crucial to reflect on where we started and where we are heading

Historically, HVAC-R selections prioritized capacity over efficiency, leading to energy-intensive and costly systems. In response, modern upgrades introduce energy-saving technologies, reflecting a shift towards efficiency and sustainability. However, accurately gauging system performance remains a challenge amidst the demands on today’s engineers, often resulting in overlooked optimization opportunities.


This common oversight means many believe their installations are efficient when, in reality, there’s significant room for improvement. True efficiency assessment requires deep analysis beyond mere energy costs, focusing on actual system performance within specific environments, something many may miss in the fast-paced work setting. This underscores a critical gap—while advancements are made, the full potential for operational efficiency often remains untapped, highlighting the need for specialized evaluation and optimization strategies.

Turning tides

In an era marked by urgent climate change challenges, high energy costs and lack of technical skilled personnel the importance of maximizing HVAC-R system efficiency has never been clearer. With the global climate and environmental policies rapidly evolving, the HVAC-R sector is navigating uncharted waters. It’s now central to our global effort against climate change, playing a critical role in meeting the objectives of key treaties like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. These international agreements are increasingly influencing HVAC-R practices.

As companies strive for better HVAC-R efficiency, they’re starting to tap into the power of real-time data, including demand, energy costs, and load adjustments, to cut down on electricity use. Additionally, existing installations are increasingly being replaced with more efficient models to further enhance overall energy efficiency.


Despite the posibilities of today’s technology, many installations still grapple with legacy challenges—inefficiency, elevated energy consumption, and increased operational costs.

Operational efficiency, the holy grail of savings

The world has only just started on the road to achieving total system efficiency. The biggest challenge we face is enhancing operational efficiency, an area that still needs much work. Despite the possibilities of today’s technology, many installations still grapple with legacy challenges—inefficiency, elevated energy consumption, increased operational costs, and thermodynamic losses from the main components of a cooling system. As the need for sustainable energy solutions becomes more pressing, the disparity between existing HVAC-R capabilities and the ideal performance benchmarks is more apparent.
In the evolving landscape of HVAC-R systems, there are four pressing challenges that stand at the forefront, each posing significant hurdles to operational efficiency and sustainability.


Economic challenges

Economic feasibility often poses a significant challenge in the realization of sustainability projects. Usually, additional incentives or supplementary capital are required to make these projects financially viable and to ensure an acceptable payback period.


Energy inefficiency

Outdated HVAC-R systems can consume excessive energy, leading to high operational costs and a larger carbon footprint, pressing the need for smarter energy management. Often the design is based on different conditions than the practical situation. The lack of necessary insights contribute to this inefficiency.


Maintenance costs

Reactive maintenance strategies often lead to unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs, emphasizing the necessity for predictive maintenance to prevent operational disruptions. For a customer, it’s common for a technician to have just visited and for a new issue to arise the next day.


Information deficiency

Frequently, data exists but isn’t transformed into actionable insights and recommendations. The specialized skills required to convert this data into meaningful KPIs are vast and difficult to acquire.


A revolution in operational HVAC-R optimization

RefPro+ transforms your existing cooling system into an advanced solution that not only regulates temperatures but also predicts the future. Our solution elevates your cooling systems to higher efficiency levels, resulting in significant energy savings for your business.

In the current market, many companies rely on traditional methods for cooling management. While installers design cooling installations based on the fundamentals of thermodynamics, such as the Log ph diagram, the efficiency of these systems is rarely evaluated as a whole after installation. Often, optimization is limited to measuring a few temperatures or powers, without a comprehensive assessment of efficiency.

The traditional approach often remains confined to a theoretical assumption of efficiency, with reduced energy consumption as the primary argument. However, merely measuring temperatures or powers is insufficient to adequately assess the efficiency of a cooling system.

This is where RefPro+ makes a radical difference. Our solution utilizes advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data from your cooling system. We compare this data with design standards established using the Log ph diagram. This enables us to identify potential deviations and proactively take measures to maintain and enhance the efficiency of your cooling machine.

With this precise and scientifically grounded approach, we can not only minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs but also achieve significant energy savings. In essence, RefPro+ offers more than just a solution for the present; it’s an investment in the future of your cooling management. Get to know us and discover how we can help your business look ahead, cut costs, and maximize the efficiency of your cooling systems.

“Where other solutions mainly target energy savings through power consumption and demand, RefPro+ optimizes actual operational efficiency”

Managed Service

RefPro+ is a managed service. The system collects data using one of our hardware solutions, or through an API link. Within your personal RefPro+ online platform, you’ll have access to clear KPI’s that offer a detailed view of your installation’s real-time and historical performance. Our experts provide monthly consults to discuss your RefPro+ report, identify opportunities, and ensuring implementation.

Seamless integration

RefPro+ is engineered for straightforward integration, guaranteeing smooth compatibility without affecting existing control systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), or any other pre-existing data solutions. Moreover, if you have an existing data solution, RefPro+ is capable of both ingesting data from and delivering data to it.


RefPro+ determines the best operating conditions for your setup, offering the insights and tools necessary for benchmarking progress, overseeing repairs, and monitoring performance decline. It uniquely anticipates and identifies the causes of degradation before they occur, ensuring proactive maintenance and optimization.

Improve efficiency

RefPro+ analyses your HVAC-R machinery data, benchmarking individual equipment performance against real-time and historical standards that the system has measured. It then provides actionable recommendations. Our HVAC and refrigeration experts will make a business case and make it clear what the Expected return of your investment will be.

Continuously learning

The system actively learns from your installations, progressively enhancing its optimization capabilities. Initially targeting quick wins, RefPro+ gradually advances to more complex improvements, ensuring continuous refinement and efficiency gains over time.

Monthly Expert Analysis with RefPro+

Receive a streamlined monthly report from RefPro+, offering tailored recommendations and performance reviews, enriched by our specialists. Our monthly meet ensure these insights and recommendations lead to actionable improvements, directly enhancing your operations and ensuring your return of investment.


Refine data center cooling with RefPro+.

Achieving an optimal Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) near 1.0 is vital in the data center sector, yet cooling system efficiency often goes unchecked. Traditional methods focus on maintaining water temperature and overlook potential for efficiency improvements, with redundancy systems rotated without considering efficiency metrics.

RefPro+ fills this void by constantly assessing cooling infrastructure efficiency and capacity, offering crucial insights for operational effectiveness. It's instrumental for data centers looking to boost cooling performance and lower PUE.


Maximize efficiency, minimize emissions with maritime precision.

Focused on optimizing the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) to lower emissions and carbon footprint, RefPro+ guides improvements and ensures compliance, particularly during port dockings with strict emission regulations. RefPro+ offers real-time performance monitoring to prevent downtime and enable proactive maintenance planning. With RefPro+, adapt to changing loads with precision, enhancing both operational reliability and environmental sustainability.


Realtime SEER, EER and more

RefPro+ elevates building HVAC efficiency, utilizing advanced algorithms and expert insights to optimize SEER and EER metrics. Our technology precisely analyzes and enhances chiller performance, allowing for tailored optimization of AHUs, GSHPs, and control systems. RefPro+ ensures optimal performance right from the system's core—the chiller.


Optimize cooling, enhance capacity, reduce leaks.

Optimize industrial cooling with RefPro+, tackling the complexity of systems using ammonia, CO2, or waterglycol. RefPro+ addresses the challenge of minimizing leaks, monitored through mandatory sensors, and provides clear insights into cooling capacity needs across temperature ranges.

Despite 24/7 availability for stable operation, inefficiencies like unnecessary fluctuations and suboptimal adjustments in cooling towers or condensers are common. Additionally, mismatches in water flow rates to compressors in waterglycol systems often reduce compressor efficiency. RefPro+ identifies and maps efficiency opportunities for optimal performance gains.


Boost Retail Cooling: Save costs, optimize efficiency, lower emissions.

Elevate retail cooling efficiency with RefPro+. As the retail sector shifts towards natural refrigerants like CO2 for their complex, high-pressure cooling systems, the challenge of maintaining peak efficiency year-round intensifies. Despite online monitoring and maintenance contracts, owners often lack clear insights into system performance, relying on providers for optimal operation. Yet, with energy costs on the line, maximizing system efficiency is critical for sustainability and cost reduction.

RefPro+ offers the insights needed for retailers to enhance cooling system effectiveness, lower expenses, and minimize environmental impact.

Pharma & Biopharma

EER, Stability, Compliance, Reliability

RefPro+ ensures that you stay in control. We understand that the Pharma & Biopharma industry leaves no room for errors when it comes to temperature control. That's why we provide a system that gives you the peace of mind that your valuable products are always secure. With our advanced technologies and proactive approach, you can rely on maximum efficiency and reliability, allowing you to maintain full control over your cooling processes.

Why RefPro+?

Get grip on your HVAC-R operation

Exceptional investment

RefPro+ is an outstanding investment opportunity in efficiency as well as sustainability.

RefPro+ stands out as a prime investment, yielding quick ROI solely from measurable energy savings, not yet accounting for additional financial gains from predictive maintenance, lower carbon emissions, and possible government subsidies and credits. On average, our customers see a return on investment within two years, often even sooner.

Trusted Standards, Revolutionary Efficiency

The latest industrial technology and security standards

RefPro+ is built on industry-standard technology, adhering to the highest security and cybersecurity standards, including ISA/IEC 62443. Our in-house expertise spans software, industrial engineering, thermodynamics, and refrigeration, allowing us to merge these capabilities into a seamlessly integrated product and service. This comprehensive approach ensures not only top-tier efficiency but also ease of implementation for our clients.

Expertise & experience

Your commitment to efficiency and sustainability is securely managed with us.

RefPro+ is brought to you by Delta Digital, a leading force in industrial automation and engineering innovation. Our team is composed of top-tier HVAC engineers, thermodynamic specialists, software developers, and project managers boasting extensive experience with industry leaders like Danfoss, Siemens, and Trane.

Market leadership

Elevate your position with RefPro+

RefPro+ is a unique solution on the market and offers a competitive edge for our customers in the ever-evolving HVAC-R landscape. RefPro+ revolutionizes this approach by honing in on the actual operational efficiency at the individual equipment level, unveiling a realm of unprecedented savings potential. By leveraging RefPro+, your business not only meets but exceeds industry standards, positioning you as a market frontrunner. Stay ahead of the curve by adopting the future of efficiency and sustainability today.


Be a part of our journey and improve operational efficiency of your HVAC-R installations!

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